Many business owners would recognize the term affiliate link cloaking. But, a lot of new entrepreneurs headed into the business market might be a little confused as to this term. Essentially what affiliate link cloaking is being able to strip your affiliate link from any website so that no hackers will have the opportunity to steal your affiliate link. Because the World Wide Web is so popular today, people who spend their time on the Internet just waiting to scam other people is growing by leaps and bounds. This is why it is so important to have software in place such as affiliate link cloaking in place to help protect the innocent.

When most people become involved in an affiliate program, they do so because of the promised commission that they hope to gain. But, with the opportunity of losing these commissions to hackers, they sometimes will shy away from opportunities like these. With an affiliate link cloaking system in place, this will eliminate this fear and can help regular people keep the commissions that they have worked so hard for. The affiliate link cloaking system will enable you to hide your affiliate link so that it can not be tampered with, but it is still visible for other’s to see it and click on it if they wish. With this type of system, you can be assured that any and all commissions will end up in your pocket exactly where they belong.

A lot of people when disguising their affiliate urls will think they have it hidden beyond the hacker’s eyes, but in reality they haven’t. Because of all the high tech software out on the market today, it is extremely easy for hacker’s to go in and look at the changed urls and then make it there own. With an affiliate link cloaking system, the hackers are unable to penetrate this type of code, so they are unsuccessful in their efforts to steal from you. The initial cost of the affiliate link cloaking system may seem to be not worth it, but if you make a lot of affiliate commissions and then start to see them decrease, you may re-think the purchase to see your affiliate commissions go back up to where they should be.

It is a very simple piece of software to use, and extremely easy to have installed. Although the affiliate link cloaking software sounds like it would be a hassle to use, it really isn’t. All you need to do is install it and let the system work for you. After the software is installed a visitor clicks on what they think is your affiliate id, the system then takes them to your real id. This enables you to receive the traffic that you worked so hard to attract and enables your affiliate company or program to pay out the proper affiliate commissions to you. Any hacker hasn’t been able to break through this system, as they are unaware that the “cloaked” id url is not your real one.