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Installation Instructions
Quick Start Guide

Read this simple guide to quickly start tracking your ads.

STEP 1: Create A Campaign

Choose the "Add New Campaign" option under the campaigns menu. Follow the instructions to create your new campaign. When your campaign has been created, you will receive a confirmation message.

You will be supplied with a tracking url, Where adcode is the adcode you filled out when creating your campaign.

You can also shorten your tracking url, and/or protect your affiliate comissions (if you are advertising someone else's product) by using the cloaking feature.

STEP 2: Track Sales and Actions

If you are selling products on your website, you have to insert some HTML code on your sale and/or action confirmation pages.

Your sale/action confirmation page is the page that shows up right after your visitor completes a sale or action.

To track a sale or action, go to "Track Conversions" in the campaigns menu and follow the instructions.

STEP 3: Advertise

Now that you have your tracking url:, you can place it in your ads and it will track your visitors, sales/actions, cpc, cpa, cps, R.O.I. and other valuable information.

STEP 4: Check how your campaigns are doing.

To see the statistics for any campaign, click on Statistics under the statistics menu.

Online Tutorial Videos
Other Features

Offline Training Videos

This is a series of videos explaining how to use the older Ad Trackz Gold Version 3.4 Script.

Download and install the free open source VideoLAN Player at to view the Tutorial Videos.

Development Status and Version History
11.01.2014 - New Pixeltracking Feature - Status: work in progress

New Features:

- Support for Clickbank Integrated Sales Reporting
- Pixel Tracking for Actions and Sales

10.27.2014 - Ad Trackz Gold Wordpress Plugin 6.0 - Status: released

Updated Version of the WP Plugin

10.15.2014 - Ad Trackz Gold Version 6.0 - Status: released

New Features:

- TID / SID Tracking
- Better Interface
- Openrate / Impression Tracking
- Optimized Statistics Report
- Country / IP Tracking
- Redirect Rules
- Cloaking with Folders
- Setup Cookie Expiration Time

03.26.2014 - Ad Trackz Gold Wordpress Plugin 5.5 - Status: released

WP Plugin for Wordpress 3.5 and higher

12.31.2013 - Bugfix - Status: released

Cookie and Campaign Enddate fixed

Click Here to Download Bugfix

09.13.2013 - Ad Trackz Gold 5.5 - Status: released

New Features:

- New User Interface
- Several Bugfixes