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Manage Cloaks

On this page you can manage all of your cloak files.

  • campaign
    This is the campaign or split test that the file was created with.

  • sub
    The subcampaign that was used, if you specified one.

  • filename
    The actual http address to the cloak file.

  • encrypt
    Whether the file is encrypted or not.

  • encrypt
    Whether the file has been created with the sticky option.

  • delete
    Check this and click the "delete selected" button to delete the cloak file.

note: There is a slight bug with this feature, sometimes a cloaked file will be created and you won't be able to delete it from here. You will have to ftp into your server and delete the file manually. This is due to a server permissions issue. This error does not happen with all servers and does not happen frequently.