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Track Conversions

This section generates the html code required to track sales or actions on your website. Some examples of an action is a subcription, or a request to download a free version of your product.

On the first page, select whether you want to track an action, or a sale.

On the next page you must enter a product ID or action ID, a name, and a description. The ID field must be numerical. Adtrackz uses this field to distinguish this product or action amongst other products or actions. For example, if you have 2 different products with 2 different thank you pages, use an ID of 01 for the first product, and and ID of 02 for the second product. It does not matter in which order, only that they are different.

If you have multiple products and one thank you page, please see the section below.

The name and description are labels you can assign for your own records.

If you are tracking sales, it will ask you to enter a price. Enter the cost of the product you are selling.

Note: You only need to generate the code once for each confirmation page that you have. It is not necessary to add the conversion code more than once even if you are tracking dozens of campaigns.

You must put the the html code on a non-secure (http, not https) page or it will not track the conversion. This is due to a limitation with cookies.

Tracking Multiple Products With One Thank You Page

If you are selling more than one product, you can also track your conversions for each product with one line of code. Your thank you page simply needs to output the product ID, sale price and other information dynamically, which virtually every shopping cart will do.

For example, for a thank you page written in php, you would need the following snippet of code:

Where $value, $id, $name, $description are variables that hold the price, id, name and description respectively.