Online Manual


On this page all your sales for the campaign are listed. You can choose to display as many sales as you want per page, starting from any sale number by using the control near the top of the page where it says "Show x rows starting from sale number y".

  • Number
    The actual number for the sale. The first sale is 1, the second sale is 2, and so on. This is not the same as your ID.

  • ID
    The product ID for the sale that you entered when creating the conversion tracking code.

  • Date
    The date of the sale.

  • Subcampaign
    The name of the subcampaign that the sale was recorded under, if any.

  • Revenue
    The total revenue for each sale.

  • Name and Description
    The name and description you entered when creating the conversion tracking code.

If you look at the top right there are two options, "Add More Sales" and "Modify Sales".

  • Add More Sales
    Here you can manually enter an individual sale. Enter the product ID, date, subcampaign, revenue, name and description and press "Add Sale".

  • Modify Sales
    On this page, each sale is listed, one per row just as the sales summary page, however, you can modify one or more sales by checking the action checkmark, making your changes, and clicking  "Save Changes". You can also delete the checked sales by clicking "Delete Selected".