Online Manual


A subcampaign is a way to provide flexibility in the way you track your visitors. Say you have a campaign that redirects visitors to What if you have another traffic source that goes to this destination, and it is very closely related to your campaign? Instead of creating a whole new campaign, you can simply use a subcampaign.

You can either create a subcampaign manually by going to the detailed campaign menu for the campaign and clicking on add subcampaign, or you can simply use the url and Adtrackz will automatically create the campaign (see dynamic campaigns)

The url to use is Where campaign is the name of your campaign, and subcampaign is the name of your subcampaign.


When a sale or action is recorded, it is recorded under the subcampaign in your statistics report.

A subcampaign has it's own adcode, destination url, cost and description that you can edit in the detailed campaign menu  section of its parent campaign. You cannot edit the subcampaign's purpose or group as it shares the same purpose and group as it's parent campaign.

The best way to illustrate the power of subcampaigns is to show you several ways that they can be used. Though I must mention that subcampaigns are not limited to these uses, the possibilities are unlimited. I am still amazed at the creative uses that are found by some of my customers for this powerful feature.

Track your pay per click ads with subcampaigns. See tracking keywords.

What if you have 3 different ads on a webpage that all go to the same website? For example, if you are trying to get your visitors to download a free version of your software, you might have a call to action near the top of your ad copy, in the middle, and one near the end. Perhaps you'd like to know where most visitors make up their mind to click on the link and download the free trial. You can setup 3 different subcampaigns for each link.

If you post on forums, you may want to use subcampaigns to identify each forum, or even, every post you make. For ex, This is an abbreviation for the warrior forum, posted on the february 4th. It's makes it easy to organize and track your hits.

There are many other uses for subcampaigns, limited only by your imagination.