Before you read this section, please make sure you read the section which explains dynamic campaigns.

This page will generate a tracking link for each one of your keywords so you can identify which keyword from which engine has generated a sale. The best way to go about doing this is to setup a campaign for each group of keywords that you have. For example, you might have a group of keywords related to selling baby toys, you can create a campaign called baby toys and then use this tool to generate a sub campaign tracking link for each keyword. When you pull up your statistic report, each keyword’s activity will be listed in this campaign.

Select a campaign from your list of pay per click campaigns. The subcampaign tracking links will be generated for this campaign

Google Tracking URLs
Click this if you want to generate tracking urls that you can mass import into google.The output will be slightly different then what is described below. It will generate the keywords and tracking links in google format. Once you have the output you can paste it into a microsoft excel file and send it to google.

Shorten Url: Root
Use instead of This will only work if you opted to move go.php in your root directory during installation.

Shorten Url: WWW
Take out the www. in the tracking url to make it shorter. Use this only if your domain works when you access it without the www.

Enter your keyword list
This is where you input your list of keywords. You can enter your keywords in 4 different ways. How you enter them and what the output will be is described in the table below.

You can submit the parameters in the following format:


Each option is separated by a pipe, “|” character. This table illustrates how to input the data based on what parameters you want to specify.


For keywords and urls there are two pipe “|” characters. This is because you are specifying nothing as the bid, the pipe character still needs to be there.


Keyword Tracking Setup

Keyword Tracking Setup

Keyword Tracking

Keyword Tracking