On this page you can create a new campaign with Adtrackz. A tracking link will be supplied to you which you can publish in your ads. Instead of sending your visitors to http://yourwebsite.com, you can send them to your new tracking link. Everytime somebody clicks on your tracking link, Adtrackz will record the hit and send the visitor to http://yourwebsite.com, or whatever destination url you want to send them to.

Ad Code 

This the label you will use for your tracking link. You can use up to 100 characters but they must be letters, digits, or an underscore character. This label will appear in your tracking link, for example, if you enter campaign1, your tracking link will be http://www.yourdomain.com/adtrackz/go.php?c=campaign1


This is where your visitors will be sent after clicking on your tracking link. Please make sure you enter http://, for example, http://www.yourdomain.com is valid, www.yourdomain.com is invalid.


Select the group you’d like the campaign to belong to. You can use groups to categorize your campaigns which makes it easier to view their statistics.


Identify whether the purpose of your campaign is to track clicks, actions or sales, or all three. You may wonder why this is necessary. Let’s say you want to track an ad that sends visitors to your website, but at the same time, you are tracking internal clicks on your website itself. Set the outside ad’s purpose to “track sales”, and set the internal links to “track clicks”. If you don’t do this, when a visitor orders from you, it will say that the last campaign they visited was the internal link you were tracking on your website, and this will not tell you which outside campaign caused the sale. When in doubt, ask yourself “do I want to know if this campaign is the one that leads to the sale, or do I simply want to know how many people are clicking on this link”.

Split Test Stats Only 

Check this box if this campaign will be used in a split test and you don’t want it to show up in your main statistics report.


This is where you can enter the cost of your campaign. It must be in the 0.00 format. 40.00 is acceptable, 40 isn’t.

Cost Type 

You can specify whether the cost type is pay per click, or recurring over time. A pay per click cost type means that the cost amount will be added to your total cost everytime a unique visitor clicks on your campaign link. Alternatively you can specify a cost that recurs over a period of time. For example, let’s say you purchased a banner ad that costs $50 per month for a year. You can specify a cost amount of 50 recurring over 30 days, repeating 12 times. If it is a one-time cost, do not select any ppc or recurring.

Start Date and End Date

This is the date that your campaign begins and ends. Inactive or pending campaigns will work as usual, the are used only as a filtering mechanism in your statistics report.


Enter a short description of your campaign for your records. You can choose to display this description on the statistics report screen by changing the statistics preferences.


New Campaign

New Campaign