Ad Trackz Gold has been designed to be relatively easy to upgrade. Please make sure that you have installed Ad Trackz or Ad Trackz Gold Version 3.4 or higher to proceed with the Upgrade.

Step 1 – Upload the Upgrade Files

FTP into your website and navigate to your Ad Trackz Gold installation directory. Upload all the files and folders and overwrite all existing files.

Important Notice:

Please make sure to not delete or overwrite the variables.php and adtrackz_variables.php files!

Step 2 – Set the Permissions

CHMOD 777 the “json” directory.

CHMOD 777 the “ip2country” directory.

Step 3 – Perform the Upgrade

Now you have to run the upgrade script.

P oint your browser to

Ad Trackz Gold will upgrade your existing installation.

Step 4 – Delete Upgrade Files

Once you have succesfully completed the upgrade, it is recommended that you delete the upgrade.php and upg.php files from your adtrackz directory.

And that’s all there is to it. You are finished.


Once you upgraded the script it is recommended to setup a test campaign. The first click on a tracking link may result in an error message.
This can happen because the IP Address Database will get updated in the background. Wait around 3-5 minutes until the update has been completed
and everything should be working fine.

Uninstalling Ad Trackz Gold

Uninstalling Adtrackz will wipe out all your data and start you from scratch. To uninstall, go to
If you deleted install.php you’ll have to upload it again to your directory before running it.