A cloak is a file that is created on your website which redirects visitors to your tracking link. It’s a way to hide your tracking links and/or hide your affiliate ID from commission thieves and hijackers.

When you fill out this form, Adtrackz creates a file on your server.

Select campaign or select split test

You can create a cloak for a campaign or a split test. Check the box to indicate if you want to create a cloak for a campaign, or check the split test box if you want to create a cloak for the split test.


Enter the subcampaign that you would like to track. It must be a subcampaign of the campaign you have chosen, if it is not, a new subcampaign will be created. If you chose split test then this field is ignored.


If you enter somefile.html, then your new tracking url will be http://yourdomain.com/folder/somefile.html.


If you enter somefolder, then your new tracking url will be http://yourdomain.com/somefolder/somefile.html
You can also use index.html as filename and in this case your can create folder based cloaks like http://yourdomain.com/yourfolder


If you are advertising as an affiliate, this option will keep your domain name in the address bar. This provides some protection against people who might otherwise strip your affiliate id from your ad. Enter the browser title you would like your visitor to see.


Use this option if you want to completely hide your affiliate id. Enter the affiliate merchant url. For example, the url that visitors will end up *after* clicking your affiliate link. If you are an affiliate for http://somewebsite.com and your affiliate url is http://somewebsite.com?affID=1234, then you would enter http://somewebsite.com here.

If you select sticky and encrypt, both functions will work simultaneously. Please note that the encrypt function uses embedded objects to tag your visitor with your affiliate ID. Some affiliate programs may object to this practice, if you are in doubt, read their terms of service or contact the affiliate administrator.


If you choose encrypt and you are hiding an affiliate commission, when you click on your new cloaked file, you will be taken to the merchant website and no affiliate ID will be present. This is what is supposed to happen. Your affiliate ID is tagged into the visitors cookie behind the scenes. If you continue to the order form, you will see that your affiliate ID should show up. However, this may not work for ALL affiliate programs, so make sure that you do see your affiliate ID does actually show up in the order form.


New Cloak

New Cloak