Read this simple guide to quickly start tracking your ads.

STEP 1: Create A Campaign

Choose the “Add New Campaign” option under the campaigns menu. Follow the instructions to create your new campaign. When your campaign has been created, you will receive a confirmation message.

You will be supplied with a tracking url, Where adcode is the adcode you filled out when creating your campaign.

You can also shorten your tracking url, and/or protect your affiliate comissions (if you are advertising someone else’s product) by using the cloaking feature.

STEP 2: Track Sales and Actions

If you are selling products on your website, you have to insert some HTML code on your sale and/or action confirmation pages.

Your sale/action confirmation page is the page that shows up right after your visitor completes a sale or action.

To track a sale or action, go to “Track Conversions” in the campaigns menu and follow the instructions.

STEP 3: Advertise

Now that you have your tracking url:, you can place it in your ads and it will track your visitors, sales/actions, cpc, cpa, cps, R.O.I. and other valuable information.

STEP 4: Check how your campaigns are doing.

To see the statistics for any campaign, click on Statistics under the statistics menu.