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Remote Affiliate Tracking System

Dear Affiliate Program Owner,

You have reached this webpage because one of your affiliates has expressed an interest in promoting your product.

This is obviously a good thing. As you know, affiliates who are enthusiastic about your program and who actually follow through and take action after signing up are rare. This is especially true with all the opportunities available to them with other affiliate programs, so let's take this opportunity to keep the momentum going.

Most likely your affiliate program software only allows your affiliates to track their total hits and total sales, but doesn't allow them to effectively pinpoint which of their ads are responsible for these sales.

However, Adtrackz Gold, a third party script which is installed on your affiliates website, can provide them with this functionality.

It's very simple to set this up. You install a line of code on your thank you page which display an invisible 1x1 gif image. The gif image calls a script which tells your affiliates' copy of Adtrackz that a sale has been made.

The great thing is, once you install this line of code on your site, every affiliate who uses Adtrackz Gold will be able to track their sales.

Adtrackz Gold uses a separate cookie system to track these sales, and it will in no way affect the operation of your affiliate program.

If you would like to see Adtrackz Gold in action, you can check out the demo, here.

Setting up is quick and easy, just follow these simple steps and you'll be able to increase the effectiveness of your affiliate partners and ultimately, get more exposure for you and your program, and more sales.

STEP 1:     Register your affiliate program with AdtrackzGold.com

This step is required. We need to provide you with a unique username, and we may also need to contact you from time to time in case we need to update the code.

You can choose to display your affiliate program information in our dirctory. We will show this to our visitors so they can see what affiliate programs are compatible with Adtrackz. This is free exposure for your affiliate program.

Note: If you're busy you can fill out the affiliate name, description later. We don't expect to launch our directory for a few weeks.

First Name
Last Name
Name of Affiliate Program
Display your program in our Directory?
Remote Tracker Username
(so you can edit your info later)

STEP 2:     Generate the code for your thank you page.

Fill out this short form to generate the code necessary to allows your affiliates to track sales. You can also allow your affiliates to track actions (subscriptions, free downloads, etc) by choosing action below. The product ID, name and description should be something that your affiliate will recognize as it will show up in their stats.

Remote Tracker Username
Event Type
Product ID
Product Name

STEP 3:     Recommend Adtrackz Gold

Recommend Adtrackz Gold to your other affilites and make 50% per sale.

We have drafted a letter you can use to let your affiliates know that your affiliate program is configured for Adtrackz Gold tracking abilities.

If any of your affiliates decide to buy Adtrackz Gold from your recommendation, you will earn 50% per sale.

Sign up for our affiliate program here (new window).

Here are letters you can use.

And that's it. If you have questions or need more information please don't hesitate to contact me.

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