Most business owners would know exactly what split testing means but for any new business owner, this term may seem a little confusing. Actually it’s not all that complicated. When a person talks about split testing, they are discussing the method in which you go about trying to determine which part of your websites sales letter is the most effective for gaining sales and increasing traffic. Obviously, the better the content is in the sales letter, the more the customers will respond and the more sales that equals out for you and your company. By engaging in some form of split testing, you would be able to determine what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Wasting valuable advertising dollars is not the only way that a company can waste money. They can also waste a good chunk of change through wasted man-hours. If a company is focusing on content and headlines that is not drawing in the customers then they could be wasting valuable man-hours that could be ploughed into the company and put to better use. The thing is, is that for this type of method to be effective you must test every little thing in regards to your sales letter. This is where a split testing product would come in extremely handy.

With the split testing software, all you need to do is plug in the information that you want tested and wait for the results of each and every campaign. This just wouldn’t be possible without this type of software as the time involved to test each piece of content would be a very costly adventure. After you have pulled the stats for all your campaigns, all you need to do is compare the results to see what sales letter is the more effective one to encourage sales.

You will be able to discover important information regarding your sales letter by utilizing split testing software. You will be able to dissect each and every piece of the letter to find out what works best with existing customers and which parts of your sales letter that holds no interest for them. You will also be able to determine if the heading on your sales letters are effective or if there is a better way to announce you product or service. Copy and content are very important, but so is the heading. Without an effective and enticing heading, your customers could be hitting the delete button as soon as your letter hits their e-mail box.

Once you own the split testing software, you will discover that because of the functions that it can perform, the benefits of having this software installed far outweigh the initial costs. Pulling sales from existing traffic is one of the ways to increase productivity in business, but most businesses do not use this method effectively. By using a split testing product, they will be able to be more efficient in sales with their existing customer base and will save money, as they don’t need to spend this money to attract new customers.